Saturday, 26 May 2012

Medievil 2 Mediafire Links (PSX-PSP)

MediEvil 2 is the sequel to MediEvil, a Gothic comedy horror platform game that allowed the player to explore several horror themed levels set in the Medieval century, the opportunity to collect items, weapons and activate sequences in order to complete tasks to advance further in the story.

New Features in Medievil 2
  • Weapon toggle: Two weapons can be selected from the inventory, so players can easily switch between them. For example, to equip a close-range weapon, like a sword or an axe, and a projectile weapon, like a crossbow or a gatling gun. By default, L1 + Square changes weapon.
  • Dan-hand: Unlocked halfway through the game, Dan can place his heads on one of the scuttling green hands in order to get into small areas to solve puzzles or access hidden treasure. Whilst in this mode, Dan can freely swap between his head and his body. This does come with risks, as Dan-hand has no attacks and is quite vulnerable. Sometimes Dan's head will be stolen by a bird on certain levels, and Dan must climb to their nest to retrieve it. While Dan's head is off, walking alien heads can also attach themselves on top of Dan and sap his health; rapidly moving around will shake them off. L1 + Triangle switches between Dan and his head, or puts it back on when standing over it.
  • Dankenstein: One of the levels involve Dan fighting in a boxing match, using a Frankenstein's Monster-esque body, against a large robot. The fighters fight each other, with limbs coming off after certain amounts of damage. Up to two lost limbs can be recovered between rounds (after defeating the imps who are carrying them around). Dan will lose if he loses all his limbs, or if he is unable to defeat his opponent in three rounds.
  • Camera controls: It is now possible to control the game camera on the right analog stick.

Download Medievil II (PSX-PSP) With Direct Download Speed Below


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